5 Cool-As-Heck Cattle Stampede Videos

The cattle stampede is a mainstay of cowboy movies (see both City Slickers and City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold). But what does one actually look like? We dug up five examples of cattle stampedes in the wild — and, in one case, the suburbs — to show just what it looks like when Billy Crystal isn't involved.

A good display of why a full-on stampede is no joke: the cattle are moving at a full-on sprint.


A herd in Leckhampton, UK stampedes, seemingly for no reason, and makes a break for an opening in the hedge wall. Once there, however, they seem at a loss for what to do next.


This suburban neighborhood in North Yorkshire, UK gets an early morning surprise: a herd of cattle galloping through front lawns.


Campers in New Zealand see a herd of cattle cresting over those signature green hills — and passing within feet of them.


A long tracking shot of a mini-stampede, taken from the back of a farmer’s four wheeler.

5 Cool-As-Heck Cattle Stampede Videos